The Association des étudiants aux cycles supérieurs of HEC Montreal (AECS) represents students of the M. Sc., D.E.S. and Ph. D. programs. The AECS mission is to accompany you throughout your studies, whether socially, academically or professionally.

We organize [email protected], option dinners, networking events, extracurricular activities and more to make your time at HEC Montreal more enjoyable and rewarding.

Moreover, we support you during your journey by helping you bring to life your academic, social or professional projects or to answer all your questions.

The AECS oversees several committees.

The AECS Team

  • Marietta Corcuera


    Marietta Corcuera

    Representative of the graduate students of HEC Montreal, acts as spokesperson of the AECS, coordinates and supervises the executive committee and all the activities of the Association.

  • Martin Blanchard


    Martin Blanchard

    In charge of managing the incoming and outgoing funds, responsible for the planning and implementation of budgets, as well as the financial sustainability of the AECS.

  • Elisa Desoer

    VP Communication

    Elisa Desoer

    Responsible for all forms of communication with all AECS students, coordinates the various media of the association and is responsible for the content production. Also, takes care of the whole promotion of AECS events, its 11 committees and the activities organized by the options representatives.

  • Charles Bertrand

    VP Social Affairs

    Charles Bertrand

    Responsible for the organization of social activities to foster the links between the members of the different AECS programs.

  • Khadija Bennani-Smires

    VP Internal Affairs

    Khadija Bennani-Smires

    Represents and maintains the link between the 11 AECS committees and the association. Also engaged in professional and social training for committee members to ensure they meet their annual objectives, as well as the external influence of the graduate level committees.

  • Valérie Choinière

    VP External Affairs

    Valérie Choinière

    Responsible for the partnerships of both corporate and community-based organizations. Researches sponsors and coordinates information with counterparts on AECS committees. Deals with political relations with other associations as well.

  • Joëlle Arseaneau

    VP D.E.S.

    Joëlle Arseaneau

    Represents the D.E.S. members within the Executive Committee and the various bodies of HEC Montreal. Responsible for the organization of activities adapted to these members as well.

  • Julie Courtemanche

    VP M.Sc.

    Julie Courtemanche

    Represents M. Se. students of HEC Montréal community and coordinates the representatives of the 17 Options (ROs) offered at the Master's level.


    VP Ph.D.


    Represents Ph.D. students and is responsible for their inter and intra university activities. Coordinates the links between the management board, the AECS executive members and all the students of doctoral programs of HEC Montreal.